About Us

Building trust one step at a time

    Studio Pro Films is one of the most reputable sound-recording and post-production studious in Eastern Europe with clients like Sony, Warner Media, HBO, Discovery and many more.

     Founded in the early 2000s, the studio has managed to garner some of the best professionals in the industry and deliver countless projects to cinemas, TV stations and the social media. It has managed to build longstanding relationships with the leading entertainment companies and TV channels both in Bulgaria and on the international market.

"Continuous, prompt and accurate communications with our clients."

     The large variety of projects that come our way wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t invest in our team. Having been in the industry for almost two decades, we have found that the best way to do the job is to trust the team and listen to the client’s needs. We strongly believe in supporting our creatives and giving them the necessary framework in order to complete the projects on time and in high quality.