The studio offers a variety of services:

  • Dubbing of films for theatrical release;
  • Dubbing of TV programs;
  • Voice-over of TV programs;
  • ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement);
  • Subtitling;
  • Sound design of film productions;
  • Stereo (2.0) mix;
  • Multichannel (5.1) mix;
  • Dubbing of video games;
  • Sound recording of TV and Radio spots;
  • Professional audio recording, mix and mastering of musical projects;
  • Video processing and editing.
  • DCP coding for cinema releases

For the last ten years we have completed and delivered thousands of minutes of dubbed material and more than thirty theatrical releases for our clients.

For the localization of the soundtrack of “LazyTown” we have received a special personal commendation from the composer Mani Svavarsson for the quality of the dubbing / singing. He rated our work as, THE BEST TREATMENT OF MY MUSIC I HAVE EVER HEARD.